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Thread: Vibration and drone sounds?

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    Vibration and drone sounds?

    vibration and drone noise?

    My 2001 s-10/trailblazer trim 4x4, 4 door has just started making a noise that is best described as a drone. It doesn't do it until I get up to about 40 mpr. but it gets the loudest around 55; this is in 2wd. So far front and rear differential levels topped off, tires rotated, grease and front end components checked including wheel bearings and cv joints and it's still doing it. It's loud enough to really be annoying. There is no grinding sound but I can feel a slight vibration in the pedal and riders also say they can feel the vibration in the floor boards; it still does it on wet pavement or gravel roads so I am sure it's not the tires. I am concerned that it may be something inside the front axle. The truck has 56,000 on it. Anyone have any ideas or similar problems?

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    I wonder if its your universal joints going bad? but 56k isnt a lot of miles for those... Raise the rear of the truck off the ground and bring the wheels up to speed, see if you still have that vibration..

    If you do that, BE CAREFUL... Make sure theres nothing in front of the truck for at least 30 yards or more... cause if it falls off the jacks some how, its gonna crash into something haha.. Yeah and dont get under it when the wheels are moving...

    If it vibrates, its your rear drive shaft out of alignment due to U joints, bad motor mounts, bad trans mount etc...
    (make sure your 4x4 is off too LOL)
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    check for play where the passenger side CV goes into the front axle. there is a bearing in there that is prone to wear due to auto 4wd engagement. my 99 trailblazer killed it and im putting a new differential soon

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