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Thread: Is this better for the motor

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    Is this better for the motor

    I just put my 14" air cleaner on my 4.3 jimmy. It has those 2 adapter plastic pieces you get for a carburator to raise the air cleaner up closer to the hood. I am wondering if this will help get more air to the engine than the stock air cleaner? Let me know thanks again, phil

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    raising the air filter is not going to get you more air, simply replacing the old air cleaner assembly with the new one with open sides is going to net you more air. However it will tend to be warmer air, than what was being pulled in from the original fender snorkle. Typically the 4.3 tbi will pull in enough air to run sufficiently, until you free up your heads, and put some decent exhaust on, your stock setup (or what you're running now) should be plenty.

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    Ok, so basically just leave the factory air cleaner on?

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    put exhaust on yur blazer to make the intake benificent.....
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    Its been dyno tested, that the taller, and flatter the base of the air cleaner is, the more power you will make.

    Granted, we're talking very small differences. Like 1, 2,3 hp. The more radical the motor, the more the difference it will make.

    This was done on a carbed motor, and the carb was aftermarket without the choke horn. But, I dont know how the TBI unit in the way would effect it.

    Bottom line, run the flattest air cleaner base, and the tallest air filter you can. They will make more power.

    But, like Otter said, a cold air unit will make more power than sucking in hot air from inside the engine bay.
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    the oem 1 inch plastic spacer helps air flow.

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