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Thread: 4.3 TBI throttle problem

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    4.3 TBI throttle problem

    so a couple of months back my truck started out of no where reving up for no reason and when it does it you can hear the injectors just dumping fuel into the throttle body. and when i pop the hood there will be fuel soaked into my air filter. weird thing is that when my check engine light comes on it stops and runs regular. but it does it in any condition, sometimes when i first start it or stopped at a red light and even when just going down the road, out of nowhere it just revs up and gives it a lot more kick like laying into the throttle. its so bad that i can let go of the brake and it will pick up to about 40mph by itself.

    any info or advice would be vary greatful. o yeah and i changed my throttle control about a year ago so i wouldnt think its already out.

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    A sensor is bad, and when the ses light comes on its just going into limp home mode, which is a pre determined set of engine parameters.

    So u need to get the codes ran and that will help determine what is bad.

    Probably going to be a map or iac code but scan it and see.

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