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Thread: custom built frame

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    custom built frame

    Can someone tell me who builds custom frames. I want to stock floor body drop my blazer. I want someone who does this on a regular basis and knows what they're doing. Ive found 2 blazers for sale that are already body dropped for about $6000 but are 4 states away. Don't know it this would be cheapest way to go. Or having a custom frame with bags all of the goodies built. :confused:

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    Look up GuiltyByDesign on here... he does some of the best framework I've ever seen!
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    kyle aka guiltybydesign is in Joplin Mo

    theres a TON of race car shops in NC that will build frames from scrtch
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    This is the thread I was looking for. Only took me an hour to find it!

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    yes go to kyle he qouted me a pretty fair price for a frame for me.
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    Matt Haggard does nice work too, he's out of Jersey

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