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Thread: what bags to run

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    what bags to run

    I was thinking of running RE-7's in frt. and RE-8 in the back would that be a good setup for bags kinda new to the bag stuff ..One other thing single or dual port bags? I could use any help u want to give me thanks..
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    i got 2500 conitech up fronts 2600s in the rear all single port. i noticed the 2600s take less air to lift. i would use single ports enless you wanta hop then go with dual port also dual port cups move around and you will hear it when you lift. i got the same problem
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    I'm runnin Domimators 2500 2600 600psi the new ones...I have never ran anything else.... I ran the old style Dominator II for almost 7 years and had no problems.... I've now upgraded to hop...

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