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Thread: Wheel Adapters

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    Wheel Adapters

    I have a question I hope someone could help me with. I put some 18x8 rims on my Blazer. The front rims stick out a little bit. I looked up the front and rear track width and found that it's only off by .4 of an inche. Well I can look at the rear and tell it's farther than that. Has anyone put 18x8 rims on and how did you compinsate for the difference? A wheel adapter would be nice but how do I know what size? Thanks for the help.

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    If it bothers you that badly you can get wheel SPACERS, which are different than adapters. A spacer is just a circular piece of metal that fits around your studs and then the wheel bolts on. Adapters usually bolt to the hub and give a new stud pattern/size (along with ALOT of extra 'spacing'). Typically .25 inch spacer on each rear works good. That is what I had on my 4x4 back in the day. They were hard to find in the early 2000s. Most tire places wouldn't sell them because of the liability. They should be easily found online these days.

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    I have an 18/20 combo on my Sy now(AWD is no longer in use) but I used to have 18's all the way around with the AWD working and the rims were even
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