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Thread: dent removal?

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    dent removal?

    i have a few dents in my hood from a couple 2x4s falling on it. i was looking around online and found 2 ways that people say i can take the dents out.

    1. Putting dry ice on and around the dent for 2 or 3 min. and the dent will pop out

    2. heat the dent with a hair dryer and spray keyboard cleaner or canned air upside down on it and the dent will pop out.

    Im bringing the truck to a car show in a couple weeks and i wanna get these takin care of. has anyone ever tried one of these techniques. do they work?

    supposedly this is the same thing paintless dent removal shops do.

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    i big jkjk...the 2 ideas u listed b4 do work..ive seen it done b4..did u try thm?
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    no havent tried them yet. but im thinking since there so cheap il proly wind up trying both of them unless the first one i try works. if anyone has tried these before let me know.

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