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Thread: how much gains, really.

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    how much gains, really.

    I had talked to the guy at my local performance shop about bolt on mods before, and he told me that a vehicles computer will automatically adjust for up to 10% gains above stock horsepower. Anything above 10% the vehicle would need to be tuned in order for these mods to be functioning at their potential.

    My 01 Blazer isn't anything crazy, but I really have no clue what my "mods" have added HP wise if anything.
    Here's what I have done:

    Iridium plugs

    Airaid cold air intake (part#200-108)

    Helix Power Tower throttlebody spacer (part#43015)<- this was on it when I bought it, and I have read on here about how they hurt power on these engines. I have tried to remove it but could not find stock length studs for the throttle body

    Dynomax Super Turbo muffler (part#19331 I believe)
    2.5" pipe from muffler out the back

    Magnaflow high flow cat (part#54306)

    Would these add ons bring me a gain of 10% over the stock 190hp? I am not looking to clock the best quarter time or anything like that, I am more just wanting to know and learn if weither or not the things I have done to it were beneficial at all or just a wad of money down the shitter. Also, just wanting some input if I would need a tune or if it's good to go as is. My next goal is to make a heat shield for my air intake because it pretty much sucks in all the hot air from the engine which can't be good for anyone.


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    maybe, but you definitely don't need a tune yet. I would if you decided to get headers or an aftermarket ignition.
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