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Thread: need some info

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    need some info

    i have a 95 4x4 4 dr blazer that is pretty much stock except for rims and stereo, and my shocks are worn out so i was wondering if there was such a thing as shocks that would lower it like an inch or two but make it stiffer so my wheels cannot go into the wheel wells because my rims stick out past my fenders like 1 1/2 inches, and where my shocks are already worn out they have came up and hit my fenders and bent the lip of them thats in the fender wells, nothing serious though, so any ideas would be appreciated
    95 4 door 4x4
    sony xplod all the way through
    rims and taillights
    lowering, lights, and custom interior on the horizon

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    no there is not, and if you buy the correct rims with the correct offset/backspacing you shouldnt have problems with wheels sticking out that much. To lower it buy the keys or do the bolt mod. i think you can even gain up to 3inchs just by adjusting your torsion key bolts out. its not always that tough.
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    can i add the vortec to this 4.3 if it didnt come with one?
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