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Thread: Please take a look if your doing a V8 conversion on a S10/Blazer

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    Thumbs up Please take a look if your doing a V8 conversion on a S10/Blazer

    UPDATED 8/05/03
    Please post all web links here to aid other members that are doing a V8 conversion on there S10/Blazer. Also post the exact link to the s-series vehicle(not just the website that has it). I like to see more members get involved with other members to aid in there conversion. I hate seeing a s-series setting in a salvage yard or front yard going bad. So I challenge each and every member to help me and ZZ4Blazer make this thread full as much info as we and you can gather up from the internet. As I find more info, I will post it. As for the ebay auctions, if they have ended, check back in a couple of days and they will be back or you may check seller's others auctions and you will be able to find it there. Thank you and good luck.

    S10 V8 conversion kits from Car Shop Inc.

    book prices

    Mounts,radiator,offset oil filter adapter S10 and S-10 4 x 4 oil pan

    Best radiator for cooling the V-8 S10 truck or Blazer

    1982-93 stock 4.3L V6 conversion to V8, S10 pickup, 2wd, motor mounts

    V8 conversion kit for a 2wd using a TH350 tranny

    Hedman Hedders

    Hedman Hedders:Ceramic Coated

    Sanderson headers

    1982-97 S-10/S-15, 4.3L stock frame, 2WD and 4WD, small block V8 conversion, motor mounts

    1982-97 S-10/S-15, 2.8L stock frame, 2WD, small block V8 conversion, motor mounts

    1982-93 stock 4.3L V6 conversion to V8, S10 pickup, 2WD, motor mounts

    Be Cool Custom-Fit Aluminum Radiators:1982-93 S-10 Blazer, with automatic transmission, aluminum radiator

    Pod for putting gauges on the pillar

    UPDATED 08/05/03
    BlazinLow has a detailed link(Tech) that shows you how to do the V8 conversion. If that does not answer your questions, try doing a search. Most questions have already been asked and answered. After doing the search and you still have a question or would like more indepthed detail, by all means ask.

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