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Thread: Quick suspension advise needed please.

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    Quick suspension advise needed please.

    :smoker: I plan to replace EVERY part of my frontend some weekend soon IE; ball joints (upper and lower) Steering link kit, idler arm, pitman arm, wheel bearings, control arm/a-frame bushings, shocks, and cv joints. Does anyone know the best place to buy this stuff? Online ordering is a possibility. I am not looking for the "lifetime warrantee" made in china SHIT from Advance auto parts! I need to find good stuff that will last and work well. I especially would appreciate your opinion on shocks. I have a '99 Blzer 2 door 4x4 with stock suspension on Vagare 20's so I def need good shocks. Tire size is 275/40/20 if that matters. The last ass to own it ran 255/35/22's which are not friendly on a stock 4x4 suspension EVERYTHING is junk. The sooner I figure out what/where to buy the sooner I can get it done. The suspesion really sounds like it's falling out. Thanks Shawn :eek:

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    be prepared to spend 500 +
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    Get what you can from power performance. I'm not sure what they produce for 4x4s, but sells ball joints and the full steering kit for 2wd from them. I haven't heard any complaints about their products and they are beefy.
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