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Thread: Drac Modules

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    Drac Modules

    I am not sure if I am doing this right but here is the problem:

    I have a 1990 Chevy K5 blazer with the 5.7 gas engine. The speedometer would be accurate until it hit 55 mph then it would be off by 5 to 7 miles. The brake light would stay on and cruise sometimes would work.
    I noticed that 3 of the wires from the abs module had broke. While attempting to repair it I accidently connected a hot to the speed sensor wire going to abs module.
    I now have no speedometer, cruise, abs still on, and engine lugs at idle. really rough.
    I fixed the wires correctly, replaced abs module, speed sensor, cluster and still dont work. the ses light comes on which is code 24 (no vehicle speed sensor)
    I was told the DRAC might be blown. IS it the case and how do I get one. I can't find one gm dealer with it and AC DELCO doesn't have it and been to 7 salvage yards with no luck.
    IS this the problem, where can I get one, And will anyone work for that truck. On the blazer, it was located under the dash by my right knee. It is a small white box the ize of a deck of cards. Is that it? I tried to find one from 88 to 95 chevy p/u, blazer, sub but not find. HELP PLEASE


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    ebay?? whats the model # some people here might have one I have an old drac laying around from a 89 blazer.
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    I know this is a long-shot but what about
    85' Jimmy 2Dr 2WD Blown 2.8L*Sold*
    88' S-10 2Dr 2WD Blown 2.5L *Sold*
    88' Jimmy 2Dr 2WD R Code 2.8L *Daily Project*
    89' Jimmy 2dr 2WD Z Code 4.3L TBI *Parts Truck*
    92' Jimmy 4Dr 2WD W Code 4.3L Vortec *Sold*

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