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Thread: Nitrogen ...??

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    Exclamation Nitrogen ...??

    am running 1/2 inch lines in the front and 3/8 lines in the back and 3/8 Asco vavles do i have to run thinker lines and/or vavles for nitrogen so that they won't blow up with all the pressure or am I fine with what i got right now?

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    nitrogen will be at whatever pressure you want it to be. hence the reason you need to buy a regulator for the nitrogen tank.

    also, nitrogen tanks only have a 1/4" valve on them, so you can pretty much run any pressure you want and not have to worry too much b/c you won't have the volume to blow anything up (instantanious volume).

    now if you are using air tanks as expansion chambers you can have all the pressure AND all the volume. THEN you can easily make things go boom. i was running my nitrogen setup at 400psi to 2 9gallon tanks with all 1/2" line and 5/8" valves and 1/2" Firestone bags. and i never blew anything up.. just gotta be quick with the switch lol.
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    yeah what he said
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    I agree... My valves will run anything.... I'm using a Nitrogen tied into a 7 gallon....I only use the nitrogen for hopping......I run 200 psi w/out nitrogen and 350 with it to hop.......

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