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Thread: V8 Swap

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    Cool V8 Swap

    Ok so I have an 87 2.8 2wd and I also have an 88 Monte Carlo with a 305 V8. I was thinkin 2day since my monte needs a lot of work and I want to give it to my new born when he or she is old enough. Why not take out the 305 and tranny and put it in my blazer!!! So the question I had is what I will need to make this happen.. could I use the same engine wire harness ?????????

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    You will need motor mounts, headers or exhaust manifolds from a i think 82-93 camaro, radiator (many choices here) decide if you are gonna use electric fans or a clutch fan. A lot of people were using the ford taurus fans, but have started to use dodge intrepid fans because they are bigger fans, have less depth, and there is 2 fans, and the set covers the radiators really well. This will dictate the postion that you are gonna mount yourr radiator in. If you look at and there will be a lot of info.

    You will need a shifter if your s10 is stick, or want to avoid the shift linkage clearance problems. Personally when I do my swap, I will be using a B&M megashifter. easy to find used in good shape. Also, think about getting rear axle plates either made or buy some. they move the rear axle back so it will be more centered in the wheelwell, and you will be less likely to have to cut your drive shaft depending on where you mount the engine/radiator.

    My plan is to use headers, mount the radiator in the forward position, use the rear axle plates, like I said before the B&M shifter, and use a TBI motor/tranny combo and modify what I need to to use the computer. When using a TBI 350 combo in a TBI s10, there is not that much that needs to be modified.

    The swap books that are availible are a good guide, but does not cover using TBI motors, so there is nothing about adapting wire harnesses. You would have to buy another book that covers this.

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