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Thread: Power Performance opinions

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    Power Performance opinions

    So I need new tie rods and ball joints, and was looking at the power performance set up. I was thinking about getting the whole kit, plus the ball joints. Any one have any experience with this stuff? trying to find something that will last longer then a year. Adavance auto ball joints lasted me about a year.

    Also, has anyone taking some stock control arms, and made the bushings greaseable. I was thinking of when I replace the bushings, drilling a hole in the control arm through the bushing, and installing a grease fitting. Think it would work?

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    i have the power performance steering kit that sells and it's been 2 years no problems and i have there ball joints to in my sd arms. i have never herd of drilling out the bushings and making them greaseable. i dont see why that would not work

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    Unless the bushings are urathane, they will deteriate from grease. If they are urathane, you have to use the proper grease.

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