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Thread: Ok so this is my new project

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    oh man that new redering looks MUCH better than the first. i origional just didnt do it for me, i like this one....

    Altho i wont be driving, ill be at texmex, so if i see your blaze and your by it ill try and say hi.

    89' S10 blazer 4wd: 355, 650 dp, rpm intake, comp 282 roller cam, modified vortecs, T56 Six speed, 8.8 ls rear, headers, x-pipe, spintech pro street mufflers, and......AC

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    GOT MY NEW AIRTANK TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!

    yeah you guys will see me at tex mex not guarantted I will be by the blazer though................

    I am kinda busy during texmex but just ask anybody to tell you where WHATABURGER is and someone will point you in the right direction !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Gerald "WHATABURGER" Martin

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whataburger View Post
    updates for the blazer: as follows!!!

    CLOSET packed full of goodies!!!!!!! only thing left to pick up is:

    a: 5 gallon 8 port airtank
    b: (qty 4 ) t fittings

    I should have the front of the blazer bagged weekend after next!!!!

    although I will have everything plumbed up and wired up for front back side to side.

    the rear will have to be static, till i can put in the link bars cut out the floor and notch the back!!!

    But!!! at least I will be bagged by Texmex!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

    by the way here is a new rendering...

    I know this is the third rendering, you may see more before I am through... BTW I havent figured out AT ALL what I want to do for wheels except for I want 17's or 18's......

    i like that paint job! :boink:
    :tongue:Project Thread:boink:
    This project for me is like school, I learn from words and then apply them.
    And as long as I pay attention, how hard can it be to get an A!
    (I just thought it sounded meaningful.):bigthumb:

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