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Thread: Headers JBA?

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    Talking Headers JBA?

    hello to all my fellow blazin blazers i have a ? im looking to get headers for my 2000 2dr 4.3v6 5 speed i saw that jba makes them i was wonder if there are other companys that make them for our trucks or is jba the best to get will i feel power and difference in noise right now i have a 40 series flowmaster with a hi flow cat magnaflow and i was also looking to buy the k&n intake set up right now i have the k&n in my factory box do u think buying the complete set up with the headers will make a big difference and have more hp and gr8 deep sound

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    no on pretty much everything, i bought the same headers for my 01 4.3 5speed and was very unimpressed.
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    can i add the vortec to this 4.3 if it didnt come with one?
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