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Thread: (4x4) Could I use bags for my air suspension in replace of the shocks

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    (4x4) Could I use bags for my air suspension in replace of the shocks

    I was wondering if i could replace my shocks with air bags on my 4x4 so think it would work
    I have a 4x4 crew cab but not for long they say i cant do it what do you think....

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    To be honest, i don't think you will have enough room to fit them in the front. The bracket pretty much surrounds the shock up front. I wouldn't recommend cutting away very much of that brack sorrounding the shock because of the support factors. In the back i'd say you could though. Company's sell bag/shock units, that replace the shock, but i don't see anyone bein able to drop down very far because they will dump out, i'm sure they're pretty long. Or your frame will lay down on the rearend and the only way around that is some sort of c-notch, and with all that, i'd just bag it normally.
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    I am attempting a monoleaf/air shock suspension on the rear of my Blazer until I get enough time to do it right. I will let everyone know how it turns out.

    Thanks Draggin! haha

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