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Thread: 5 Speed + V8

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    5 Speed + V8

    I been going through s-series withdraw, so I've been looking for a 2door 2wd for a LS1 project, i have found one but it is a 5 much more difficult does this make the LS1 conversion, and would I be able to use the trans from the LS1 in the blazer? It is a 2001 Blazer. Thanks guys!

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    What is the transmission? A T56 swap with the LS1 wouldn't be terribly difficult. Just have to move the shifter hole back a few. The 2001 5 speed uses an internal slave, so it will be easy to hook up the hydraulics to an LS1 style T56 too. Other than modifying the transmission crossmember and possibly shortening the driveshaft that should be the majority of what you have to do to get it to work. Tippman may have more to add though since he has actually done a T56 swap.
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