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Thread: Steering problem..

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    Steering problem..

    Ok I've had my 91 4x4 s10blazer for about 4 years now. My father gave it to me so I know the history. He's never had any accidents with the truck. Yet! Since I had the truck it drifts to the right if I hold the wheel dead center. I've always had this problem and even my dad said for the longest time he had the same problem. I've tried getting it aligned many times and they give me back the truck "aligned" and still the same problem. The one reason I'm asking is cuz I just got new tires and and I don't want to wear them out unevenly.

    I have replaced many parts on the front end. And infect I'm replacing the left Axel this weekend. Anyone have any ideas??? Thank you

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    is it wearing tires funny or just pulling to the right? if it's not wearing tires, i would say your steering box is not centered. maybe someone at some point pulled the steering wheel and moved it. if box is not centered itwill try to return to center and cause your drifting problem. most times when they do an alignment they hold the strg. wheel straight and make the wheels match, but if the strg. wheel is off to begin with it will not be right.

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    does it go straight with the brakes applied? If so take a look at the brake hoses, I had one that acted as a check valve, took me a while to find it.

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    truck doesn't need to be in an accident for the suspension to be bent or mis aligned.. a simple hitting a curb or a pot hole will do that but im gonna say that the steering wheel hasnt been place at dead center...
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    If youve had it aligned at a good shop they they can show you the alignment report if you ask them so that you wont just have to assume that its been aligned. i would say you probably need an idler arm though very common on s10s and mechanics dont really check em...

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    any good shop before a allignment will always check the ball joints, wheel bearings, and all steering linakge. you said if you hold the wheel center the truck pulls right, can you turn the wheel either left or right and get the truck to drive straight, if so then the shop is not doing a full alignment and centering your steering wheel after adjusting your caster, camber and toe.

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