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Thread: 5/5 drop quistions on a 90 2 door???

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    5/5 drop quistions on a 90 2 door???

    i just bought a 90 2 door and am thinking of doing a 5/5 drop i got a set of 5 inch angled blocks and 3 inch drop coils and 2 drop spindles will that set up work out togeather and will i have to mini notch my frame??? and how about front clearance???

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    With a 5" drop yes you will need a notch, I would never use a 5" block though.
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    5" blocks :eek:

    Clearance depends on tire size.

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    ya there angled blocks thou but might just use smaller blocks and zq8 leaf springs i have laying around... not realy stressing puting a notch in that ain't a big deal and neather are tires i'll change them up if need be... what bout front clearance???

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    Front will probably rub a little at full lock. Just bang in the inner fender a little with a hammer. Worked for me.

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    k thanks...

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    You won't have any suspension travel left in the front. You'll definitely have to notch the rear, and the axle may hit the exhaust. 5" blocks is just're asking for broken leafs with that setup.

    As far as front clearance, that all depends on what wheel and tire size.

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    you will have more then enough suspension travel in the front IMO. And you can always mod the control arms by cutting the humps off them for a little more clearance, but by doing that then your tires will hit things. But id have no problem daily driving a 5/5. And if you keep your overall tire diameter 26 or below you shouldnt have much problem with rubbing either. The first thing that will rub is the little dip for the blower motor in the inner fender and like said at full lock in a turn

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    I had zero issues with my 5" front drop, but I think Id go 5/4 again, it looked awesome on a blazer
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