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Thread: Quistions Bout Bagging A 90 2 Door???

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    Quistions Bout Bagging A 90 2 Door???

    I Have A 90 2 Door And I Am About To Bag It... Just Have A Few Quistions First... I Am Planning On Keeping Stock 15 Rims Not Sure What Size Tires... Is It Possible To Keep The Back Seat And Lay Out At All??? What Size Tires Should I Put On The 15's And Whats The Smallest Size Notch I Can Use.. I Am Building The Truck For My Girl And Want To Still Be Able To Keep The Back Seat For The Kids....

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    For now much will this air bag cost for?

    any idea?

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    how for why is you ask this? WTF!
    My project thread 89 bagged 2door

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