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Thread: jimmy rides like a tank

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    jimmy rides like a tank

    ok so my jimmy rides like a tank im not sure what the guy i bought the truck from used in the front but he used 3 inch blocks in the back and took out one leaf. is there anything i could do to make it ride better? i also want the back a little higher so if i got stock leaf packs for the back would that help my ride at all?

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    Sounds like your bottomed out on the bumpstops in the front. They may have cut the springs in the front causing it to sit on the bumpstops. Look underneath and see if the bumpstop is against the frame. As far as the back goes, you could put the leafs back to stock or get smaller blocks.
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    Sounds like you're bottomed out, take a look underneath like bigdawg said.

    BTW, the Abrams tank has a cadillac suspension, and rides very smooth. I used to be an armor crewman....

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