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Thread: toyota bumper bracket pics

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    toyota bumper bracket pics

    I have looked through multiple threads on putting a toyota bumper on a 1st gen and no one seems to post up pics of how they did their brackets. The only info I was able to gather was most guys used some L brackets that they fabbed up and bolted those to the frame. By the way im using a 2wd bumper and I do have the stock toyota brackets so I can work with those. I just really need some pics to give me an idea on placement.

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    hope these pics help.... all i can think of
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    on s10forum there is a blue first gen that has a pretty damn good set of pictures. Its in the members project section under Tiki truck rebuild or something similar

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    Holy crap! Blazinblue is still alive! You need to go to the wow things are changing thread and check in man.
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