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Thread: Bagging my 02 xtreme???

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    [QUOTE=suncad03;783306]well i don't get on the internet a lot any more. but baging a blazer in the rear is kinda a art ha ha, there are no kits and to keep the rear seat it's a PITA, i have done a hand fill now and have it down pretty good, i worked for a good friend that was talked above "paul at pma" i was just giveing him a hand like on eric's blazer..."yea i cut on your ride ha ha " and then we did mine. everything was done at my place but the frame, i took it to the shop for a weekend to use the frame jig. then i worked for him for a year when i was layed off. now i have moved to NC and am working on setting up a shop.

    like everyone has sad the front is just like a s-10 and since the bodys sit higher on the frame you dont have top tub the fire wall as much, rear is a full out cut out and rebuild.

    here is mine of 22's[QUOTE=suncad03;783306]

    What you cut on my ride :eek: LOL jk
    Laid out Blazer X!!! :D TwIzTeD iNtEnTiOns- Ohio

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    IMO, (after going through three different set ups) Spend the big money and do it right the first time.


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    do you guys know anybody around the savannah ga area that does bags i just want the front done for know until ibuy another truck i want to help i can weld etc...thanks for your help

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