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Thread: good ole shocks

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    good ole shocks

    I'm in need of some new rear shock, but not much money to drop on a new set right now

    found some used Belstein shocks, but not sure if they would work well since the blazer is lowered 4", the xtreme rides great on them, but that's factory and only lowere 1.5"

    what do you guys think?
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    your suspension bottoms out on something, whether its frame, notch, or floor pans, way before the shocks will fully compress in the rear. If they are in your price range and you like how they ride on you other truck, im sure they will be tons better then the current old ones

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    I'm using Bilsteins on my '86, dropped 5.5 in the rear with a c-notch, and they work fine. Great shocks.

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