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Thread: 88' Drop

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    88' Drop

    I have a 1988 S10 Blazer, looking to drop it. Thinking of doing a 4/5 but not positive yet.

    I am 17 and sort of on a budget.....

    Looking for a complete list of what I will need...

    Spindles, shocks, blocks, etc.....I'm lost as I see lots of different ways to do it.


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    blocks are the cheapest way to drop but will prolly affect quaity.. upfront you would need some drop spindles and springs for that much i belive.

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    You need 2'' drop spindles 2'' drop springs and new shocks that will give you 4'' drop in the front and then you get 4 or 5'' lowering blocks and new shocks for the back. Just go to and you can get what you need or LMC TRUCK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fatboys88 View Post
    or 5'' lowering blocks.
    Yea let's not...:nono:
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    Before you do any drop make sure everything is in good shape. Suspension bushings, balljoints, tie rods, steering box, center link, slave steering arm, brakes, etc. These ugly surprises may need to be done while you have it apart anyway.

    You can do this in steps, instead of all at once.
    Springs and spindles for the front, but the rear really needs to be drop leafs and small blocks. 5" blocks is asking for broken leaf springs because of axle wrap up, you're putting alot of stress on the leafs doing that. Along with the rear you probably won't have much suspension left, so a notch will be in order too.

    For now, just do 2" drop springs ($100 ish) and some 2" drop blocks ($40ish), and an alignment. Then you can work on saving up for the rest.

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