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Thread: Towing/leaf spring question

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    Towing/leaf spring question

    So I put the stock leaf springs back on for this upcoming show with the 4" blocks that I had, but its not low enough. Im thinking about pulling out the middle leaf and calling it good for now. I have 2600s in the front and can lay frame or go really high so the front isnt an issue.
    How much will it lower the truck in the back and
    will I be able to pull the truck up on a U-haul trailer if I raise the front all the way?

    maybe I could do airshocks for the show?
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    ive got almost a 7 inch drop in the rear and i have no problem getting around, however i do have airshocks if need be. pulling a leaf shouldnt give you much more than 1 or 2 inches.

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