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Thread: Need advice on setting the gaps on the front clip

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    Need advice on setting the gaps on the front clip

    Ok I got in to an accident and had the replace whole front clip I got everything from one truck but I'm having troble getting the gaps right any advice?

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    Only thing to do is put everything on loosely and work from the doors forward to get everything lined up, ie get the fender/door gap even, then the grille, etc etc.
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    he is right. but if you are talking about the fender gap to the doors and can't get them to look right let me ask you this, do the gap looks tight or good at the top but is wide at the bottom and you cant get it closer? you may need to consider you frame rails might be up. This can be fixed at anyshop with a frame rack. also always start from you firewall forward. ex. 1.door to fender gap 2. hood to cowl 3. fender to hood.... also make sure hood hinges are good as well
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    also have the truck at ride height weight on all for wheels. if the fronts jacked up that can cause gaps to shift.
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    napa sells body shims

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