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Thread: need your help!

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    need your help!

    Ok I came across a deal my body guy needed sounds so I told him I would give him my entire system so he can paint my truck but the thin is in debating on to what color? Option one is a twotone pearl white on top and a silver on the bottom or option two silver on the top and pearl white on the bottom? Let me know guys thanks
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    well first off, some punctuation wouldnt hurt at all. That needs more than 2 question marks. Took me a few times reading it to understand it.

    Ive always been more of a fan of the white on top with whatever darker colors below.
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    I don't know about white and silver. Not enough difference between the two colors for me. If you use those I'd definately put the white on top.
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    A darker color on top will give your truck the appearance of being lower.

    Make sure your silver isn't too light, you may loose the contrast in the two-tone (IMO).
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