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Thread: body lift?

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    body lift?

    Ive got a zr5 that I want to body lift 2" but I can't find it in my heart to drop $200.00 on a kit how hard is it to make my own?
    Do I need to lengthen anything? (Brake lines, steering etc.)
    Also how hard is it to make the front and rear bumper brackets.?

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    Homemade body lifts are pretty straight forward all you need is hockey pucks drill a hole in the center and bolt them in with longer bolts of course. Depending on how much you add you can get away with all the stock lines to a point most lines have flex points(not for sure on the ZR1 I have only done this mod on full size trucks). As for making raise brakets for you bumpers I would split them in half them bolt or weld a piece of plate steel Z shaped for the lift required. I hope this helpd a bit.

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