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Thread: Nasty squeak from frontend-Vid included

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    Nasty squeak from frontend-Vid included

    I have a 02 2dr 2wd blazer stock height, for the last couple of weeks I have had a nasty squeak from the front end. It squeaks when I accelerate. People have told me it might be the ball joints, tie rod or sway bar, I am not sure which one. I was wondering if you guys could help me out. Here is the link for the video i posted up on Youtube. Thanks.

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    wow. i have never heard that before. might be a wheel hub.brakes? sounds like the noise goes with the wheel turning not when you hit a bump. so thats why i thought brakes or wheel hub. but it dosent seem like the wheel is woobling
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    id bet money those 3 things people told you are wrong. None of those move faster with speed. Its something attached to the wheel, Id start by checking to make sure the dust shield isnt rubbing the rotor, then start looking at the sealed hub or maybe the brake pads are screwed and the little metal tab is hitting the rotor

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    i'm going with brake pads are shot....sounds like a chirpping bird??

    check the brake pads......the "quite" plates either wore off or you need some brake grease on the back of the pads (pads to caliper side).....or the pads are toast and your just grinding metal to rotor
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    Pull the wheel and check the pads and rotor. If they look good and have plenty of pad material left then it's probably the dust shield rubbing on the rotor or it could be a bad wheel bearing.
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    I did my passenger side ball joints on my 97 4x4 not too long ago. Made a similar noise. My brake shield was rubbing the rotor.

    Had a noise a while back that was a rock stuck between the rotor and brake shield.

    could be wheel bearing though. Except from my experience those were more of a grinding sound.
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