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Thread: drop and cv boot tears?

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    drop and cv boot tears?

    i used belltech keys and drop shocks for the front and 2" blocks and a 3* shim in the rear and still have a humming/grinding noise that sounds like its coming from the front(at 50+mph) a shop just told me that my pass lwr ball oint is bad and both inner cv boots/joints are bad.wheels have just been balanced also.

    question 1) will these keep going bad often?(only had drop 4 months and have had the noise issue since day 1)(drop is not huge)

    question2)what is the best brand for these parts to go with?

    question3)would any of the problems mentioned above be causing the noise?

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    The boots were old and just happen to split open. Maybe after you dropped it the angle of the shafts was changed and the rubber boots were just too dry to take it. The humming/ grinding noises would be from all of the grease getting slung out of the CV joint and the metal parts grinding against each other with no lube. If you replace both joints or full half shafts it should be fine.

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