ok i would like to see what my truck will look like when i get it done so can someone please do a rendering for me and you can take your time im not in any big hurry

heres the details:
1992 s10 blazer 4x4 4 door
i want the body lines shaved (all of em and the peak on the hood)
top cut off at the bottom of the window line all the way up to the windsheild with a full length windsheild
spair tire on the tail gate remain thare but centered
6" lift
rims are your choice just make sure they look good and dont stick out of the body
some sort of body kit with the drifter rear bumper and possibly the front bumper from fx designs

the paint will be a 3 tone. black on top lime green stripe about an inch tall all the way around the truck in the middle and fuchsia on bottom the paint transition should be about dead even with the top corner of the grill with the top of the grill as the top of the green stripe

door handles gas door and tail lights mirrors and antenna shaved
and some sort of chopper mirrors

rear doors need to remain thare and not welded shut (kinda the reason im doing this truck not the 2 door in the back)

ty in advance