Ok so i made apost a while back about shocks raising my truck. I dont know what i was thinking but i think it settled now. I guess i sound dtupid now but heres the next question?

I have driven plenty of lowered vehicles with all different types of drops. None rode worse than my current blaze. 02 extreme with spindles and sprongs in front and with 3" blocks and 2-3 drop leaf in back. i cut the bumps of to the 2nd rib. It rides worse than anything ever. I put toxic shocks in thinking it would help, and i think its worse.

Is it because of the leaf in the back maybe? I never went with such a thin leaf before. I got everything from summit and they hooked me up so i cant complain.

I just want to know if anyone else has issues like mine. I literally cant go downa normal road with slight bumps and bounce off my seat!

What ya think guys/Gals?

Later SOLVD31