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    Question body drop

    can I do a traditional body drop on a 97 2dr 2wd blazer and how hard will it b, any pics and info would be greatly appreciated

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    yes you can it just takes a lot of cutting welding and grinding sorry no pics on my phone thow
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    yes you can do one if you can weld and are able to measure precisely.. Its almost the exact same as doing a truck except for the fact that the rear frame rails have to be Z'd just like the front frame horns need to be. Then you have to actually do all the sheet metal work unlike a truck where you can just leave the rear open.

    Here's how to drop the front frame horns:

    Here's a way to cut the front firewall:

    Here's a door jamb, but I personally would angle these back rather than welding them in straight up and down. Angleing them allows you to lay your carpet in easier and you can barely tell the drop is there.

    These two pics are about the best I could find to show the rear frame being Z'd. If you look close you can see how it drops down after the notch..

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