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Thread: Parts list??

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    Parts list??

    Hey guys I got a 96 2 door blazer and want to bag it soon. Right now I have 17 inch wheels and plan on getting 20's. how big of a notch will I need to lay out. Also I plan to go with the Suicide Doors kit, which one should I go for? The 4 link super lift kit or the super lift wishbone kit. Anybody out there running these kits have a picture of there set up?? I need to show my installer how I want it.

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    the wishbone will not work without modification. cpolaris502 on s10 forum used one, he has pics on his cardomain and might have a thread over there. suncad03 on here has a very nice 4link setup with sleeve bags and it lays frame on 22"s with the backseat. I hope to do a setup similar to his. I used to have a link to his photobucket but can't seem to find my link.
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