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Thread: 98 Blazer Front on 1995 GMC Jimmy HELP!

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    98 Blazer Front on 1995 GMC Jimmy HELP!

    I have a complete 98 front end I am trying to put on my 1995 GMC. I have bumper, Bumper cover, Head lights, Blinkers, Hood, Grill, and 2 new fenders cause one of mine is dented. I am curious, Will I have to buy a Blazer core support from 98 and up? How do I go about the wiring deal? Any help is appreciated!

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    You will def need a newer core support as far as the bulbs/wiring go, I'm not sure what is different and what isn't.

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    Yes, you'll need a core support. If you buy it new, remember to install the 1/4" rivets for the headlight retainers; a used one should be a better deal if you can get a straight and solid one.

    As for wiring, if you have composite lights, you will be fine. If you have sealed beams, you're going to do some splicing. The diagram can be found through some searching, looks really simple. I have composites and the bulb sockets hooked right in to the new stuff.

    Unclip the harness from the brain box on passenger wheel well, unhook all grounds on fenders and core, string the harness out through the holes it uses on the core and just wad it up on the driver side fender until ready to rewire. It will make sense when you do it.

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    I was reading this and i know its old. But if u want hids then u have to do nothing if u have sealed beams. If i am thinking right u have to do nothing to the wiring harness. H4 is the hid u need. Here in Dallas they r $45
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