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Thread: V8 swap oil pan

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    V8 swap oil pan

    Wondering if I need to change out my pan on my swap....I got my crate motor off a friend who had put a moroso 7 qt rear sump pan on it. Got the engine and tranny buttoned up today and tried shoehorning it down into the bay with no luck. The only thing I can figure is the pan mut not be letting me get the final position I need. any thoughts??

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    Assuming your truck is 2wd, stock cheap stamped steel oil pans work in the blazers if the motor/frame mounts haven't been lowered if they have been modified any v8 swap oil pan will work. I have a moroso 7qt deep sump v8 swap oil pan. Dropped right in with trans attached but I also had the core support and bumper removed. The only problem I had was with the oil pump pick up. My M55 high volume oil pump uses a bolt on pick up, the pick up that came with the pan was press in. No big deal right just use the bolt on pick up. Well, it wouldn't fit the deep sump pan so I had to cut the bolt on flange off the pick up that came with the oil pump and weld it to the end of the pick up that came with the pan. Just a heads up on something everyone should now about when buying oilpumps and pans. Hope I helped and hope I help anyone who reads this in avoiding a BIG delay in their build

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