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Thread: 2002 Blazer Xtreme lowering

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    2002 Blazer Xtreme lowering

    Alright guys, just picked myself up an 02 Blazer Xtreme, and of course, i wanna throw some show on the car...So im thinking 20's, not sure what kind yet, or what tire size..Also i wanna drop it, not to much, but not to little. I want it to sit low enough where the top of the rim is just underneath the fender.

    So my questions are...

    Drop Blocks in back/size?
    Drop Spindles in front/size?
    Tire Size while sitting on 20's, gonna be on as a daily driver, so must consider pot holes.
    What brand should i get for the spindles/drop blocks?
    Have never done this, so not sure what else i need?

    It currently has the xtreme suspension in it, so i would like to drop it more..

    Thanks guys
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    well congrats on the new blazer

    first off tucking the rim will be to low, for a first drop most go with a 2/3 drop on the xtremes it's cheap and over all will give you a 3.5/5.5 drop because of the stock lowering kit.

    i say go with 2" drop spindles
    belltech 2102

    3" lowering blocks

    now with this drop you dont have to change your shocks "if your stock ones are good" the stocks will rind just fine and no need to spend the big money for a set of lowering shocks that cost more then $100 each. i still run stock shocks baged lol

    in the rear you will need to trim the bump stop to keep from bottoming out. with a 20" thats the way to go at first to start out because no matter what drop or even if you go bags you need the high dollor drop spindles so you might as well just get them now. just before i went to bags i had drop spindles in the front with 3" springs, belltech 3" leafs with a 3" block and a notch in the rear. my 18" and good size rubber they rubbed

    here is a blazer with 2/3" drop and 255/35r20's.

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    Does anyone know if the 255 tires will rub sitting on 20's. I wanna throw on a set of Boss 304 20's. And if anyone knows a good site to order them with tires for cheap let me know. ;) Thanks

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