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Thread: Project: Shops suck so do it yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EpicenterDesigns View Post
    Man that sucks. It looks like they didn't even attempt to weld that seam up or use any type of seam sealer afterwards.
    Good luck getting it all water proofed so you can be driving it again.

    And seeing the wear marks on the sides of the console makes me sad. It's gonna happen, but still.

    BTW, dont fret, the wear marks on the console are pretty hard to see with the seats it.

    And BTW, have't really talked to you in awhile. Hows your wife?
    JON!!! Whats going on bro? Its all sealed up and good to go. Took a few days but its finished.

    My wife is still getting worse but we are doing ok. How about you my friend? Still in business or have you gone another route/career? Times are tough out out west, dont know about Florida but I assume more of the same.


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    Hey, Looks like you have already committed the repair by covering with dynamat, but I would consider a re-weld and then coating the area with POR 15 (a rust-proofing paint).
    1. Chassis flex (especially with lowered cars) can continue the crack and your leak will return. Every time you go in or out of a drive way or something similar like a speed bump your body twists/flexes.
    2. Unless you neutralize the rust it will continue to oxidize and further weaken the area, and bring back your leak.:nono:

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