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Thread: 1st gen blazer coil springs

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    1st gen blazer coil springs

    I'm building a prostreet blazer 2dr 2wd, and have a narrowed frame and built a 4 link for the rear. For my 4 link to give me the correct amount of antisquat I need the rear of the truck to be set up perfect. Now I need to lower the front of the truck roughly 3 or 4 inches to give the blazer the correct stance. (Almost level very slight forward rake). I bought 1" lowering springs from DJM for 1st gen 2.8 liter 2wd 2dr suv. If I knew the spring rate I wouldn't be asking this, so my question is. When I install these 1" springs and 2" spindles am I going to get exactly 3" of drop or will the weight of the v8 lower it more. I have to be sure of this cause any chevy lean will cause the truck to pull at launch. The reason this is so important too is it will effect my center of gravity and weight transfer. Which inturn effects my 4links setup for antisquat.
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