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Thread: Are these upper bars properly placed?

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    I wounder if I did that if it would still clear a 8 inch wide 18
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    That will work, I've set them up like that and cleared 20x8's on a 2nd gen, and on a first gen 4-door. It is VERY close...but as long as the axle is stable, it will work. You can also run them at kind of a steep angle off the front of the axle, but you need to run a very stiff shock to compensate for the shitty angle. Something like the Rancho RS9000's work, but they're pricey..
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    Yeah if you run the shock to the top of the bar and not to the side of it then there should be plenty of room. There's room on my blazer with my 9" wide wheel with a +15mm offset. The diameter of the shock isn't too much larger than the width of the lower bars so not much would hang over as long as you centered the shock on the lower bar.
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