So i landed a pretty solid deal i think for some 22's, $850 w/ new tires. They're Alba Slice 22x9.5 if i remember correctly. 255/30/22 Nitto NT555 Extreme.. and honestly.. the ride is better than when i had 20's with 245/40/20 on some off name tires. might have been the tire, but usually the Nitto's are HELLA stiff.. these dont seem to be and they have 42 lbs of air in them?? LOL.. but either way, heres pics of the current state of my beast... Oh and this is before a 1 1/4" spacer in the rear :)

thinkin that after i paint the rest of the blazer in a couple weeks all black, i might sand blast and do the wheels at the same time.. just a thought.. but for 850.. im in love :)