Well...i killed my bravada finally she died peacefully with 236500 miles...well it runs and drives still but crappy. The computer is shot but i no longer have the want to piss wit it at the time but over time think i may make it a true 2wd brav with some olds v8 swap and make a nice cruiser outta it after i get my lil hotrod beretta done. In the meantime it looks good sittin behind my garage where the beretta sat.

So a guy at work has a 94 S10 Tahoe Blazer same forest green as the bravada and 4x4 works with 89k on it for $500. Its too small for him and his ol lady dont want it. I planned to lift it on a some 2wd wagon wheels(idk the right name) wit some BFGs, tint the windows,sunvisor, nice brushguard on front, and use the exhaust off my bravada. If someone wants the bravada grill i may let it go. My question, where can i get a decent lift for a decent price?