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Thread: C notch for 2000 blazer 2 door 2wd.. help

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    C notch for 2000 blazer 2 door 2wd.. help

    having trouble finding info on a c-notch for my blazer.

    need to know if i have to cut out the floor, if i have to remove the fuel lines, blah blah.. Im wanting to cnotch it myself, cause hell.. this thing is starting to really tap the old bank account and Im not gonna pay a shop to do it unless it involves some serious fabrication

    info, links, where i can buy one. Any help would be appreciated.. oh and ill DEFINITELY POST PICS!!
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    do you plan to lay out?
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    Right. A lot of factors go into puttin in a notch. Size of wheel, If U wanna lay frame, If U are puttin in a link kit........etc......

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    if your just looking for a bolt in notch, (formerly suicide doors) makes one and its where i got mine from. Im pretty sure you need one for a crooked frame. Mine took a morning to install and was fairly easy to do.

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