I have a 2002 blazer 2wd 4door, every where I look it says that this model is suppose to have a 19 gal. fuel tank, I never thought anything of it till know while having problems with the truck.
so anyways My wife drove it till it ran out of gas by accident I took it it and had it filled up and it only held 14.5 which I put just a bit over half a gallon from a gas can to get it to the gas station.
I am the second owner of the vehicle so I know that the tank has never been replaced, but did gm put a 15 gallon tank in some of there models.
I have already looked into buying a 19 gallon tank just got to find one looks like I will be going to a salvage yard.
something I need to do anyways cause we only get around 200-225 per tank which is not enough.
consedering right now it is stalling everytime it get right at a quarter of a tank of gas while coming to a stop, now if I am stopping very slowly it will not stall so I figured replacing tank and pump might help. in both getting more mile out of my tank and the stalling issue.