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Thread: ugh i got the wheel itch...

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    ugh i got the wheel itch...

    OK, so i happen to know the guy selling these wheels (using a link just cause im lazy) and he offered them to me at a good price... im runnin 22's right now, but i got that 24 inch itch goin on right now... with a 3.5 front and 3 rear drop.. i dunno if they'll work or if it'll be alright (of course i expect a little rub)

    trying to find out the back spacing and width still. havent talked to him since yesterday.. but i thought they would look sick on my xtreme
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    sorry man 24" are just to big for me, they should clear with that drop but your turning will be less. i would keep the 22's and go lower

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    Good luck stopping with those heavy bastards.

    24's are just going to look really disproportionate....unless you're going for the Hot Wheels look.

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