I was given a 454 so I pulled the small block out and am now installing the big block. First off this will not be a drag truck (it might go from time to time) but it will mostly be a nice cruiser for the weekends. The smallblock has already been sold so there's no turning back now.

It currently has a superior v8 swap radiator as well as a long water pump. With this setup it currently has 1.5" between the water pump pulley and the radiator. I have considered putting a short water pump on but I dont like the way the accessories stick way out beyond the motor. For now I will be installing two 12" pusher fans between the core support and the grill that flow 2800 cfm combined.

I used the 2.8 to v8 motor mounts with the poly frame mounts from s10v8.com that I had used on the small block. The driver side just needed a little trimming to make it work.

I have already installed a 8.5" rearend with a detroit truetrac as well as forged axle shafts with 3.42 gears, I also have a set of 3.73, 3.90, and 4.10's that I have accumulated.

I have a Pro Built street/strip 700r4, https://www.700r4l60e.com/store/prod...&cat=20&page=1 transmission that claims its good for 600-625 HP so we will see how it holds up.

It is lowered 3" in the front with spindles and 1" springs, stock in the back but will be lowered with 3" drop leafs. It is rolling on billet specialties street lite wheels 15x4 in the front and 15x8 in the backwith 155/80-15 bfg t/a and 275/60-15 bfg t/a.

I plan to use Hedman 68610 headers and for the oil pan there seems to be several that will fit without notching the crossmember it just depends on the capacity and how much to spend. I'm planning on running one with a 7 qt capacity.

The motor currently has the peanut port heads which will be replaced with a set of 049's when the motor gets tore down. I have ordered a forged scat 496 rotating assembly for it as well as in the pictures you can see that I have replaced the stock intake with a RPM air gap. It will get a small bump in compression to 9:1 and a pretty mild cam for a big block probably something like a comp 268 flat tappet (roller cams are just too pricey).

Progress will be slow due to vacation and upgrading some stuff in the house this year. Sorry about the pictures they are from my cell phone, the wife has the camera somewhere.

Picture with the front end off

Picture with the front clip sitting on it

Side view of the motor pulley to radiator clearance

Top view of clearance