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Thread: LSx Crank and rods

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    LSx Crank and rods

    Reconditioned LS series connecting rods and crank up for grabs. I picked them up for my LQ4 build, but now that I've got another set, these ones are up for grabs.

    Crank is a 24x reluctor wheel, it's been inspected, magnafluxed, chamfered, and polished by Revenge Power in Hollywood, FL. I have not installed it, still sitting in the box.

    $150 plus shipping

    Rods are just factory take offs, they were inspected and magnafluxed, again, I've never installed them...

    $125 plus shipping

    $250 plus shipping if you buy crank and rods together..

    email or call 360-286-6442
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